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Recognizing the booming World needs and vast high return investment potential for green technology we feature news, information and links to green companies with new products, significant technology advancements, breaking news and developments with positive impact that could result in the stock of the featured green companies to move up rapidly.

With the World’s ever increasing dependence energy and the environmental and economic importance of discovering and developing new green technology our research staff feels now is an excellent time to do whatever we can to make investors aware of developing news and new green technology that is often overlooked and not covered by the mainstream media.
The Top Green Stocks research team utilizes specially designed Internet searching software to discover breaking green technology news that has been overlooked by the mainstream media. We then inform our newsletter readers – And then we use proven Internet based distribution methods to get the overlooked green info out.

We can effectively reach media writers, financial analysts, venture capitalists, institutional investors, brokerage firms, the investment community and investors who are looking to make high returns from green companies that can solve our ever increasing global demands and needs. Our efforts are NOT stock promotion. Our goal is to help featured companies secure the attention and capital they need to create green technology advancements, bring them to market, expand sales and create corporate growth.
Profiting by trading stocks on non-public information is illegal insider trading.

When you reap profits by trading stocks based on public information that was overlooked and unnoticed when it came out -- It is a legal way to make investing profits. This is what we call "Legal Insider Trading".

Now if there was a way for you to discover the right green companies with the right publicly released news, get in first, and then enjoy your profits when the rest of the world learns about this news - You would be A Master Legal Insider Trader.

While NYSE and NASDAQ stocks offer very limited opportunities for you to profit in this way, the right green growth stocks traded on the OTC Markets give you a way to enjoy the profit advantages of Legal Insider Trading.

Investors who have lost money in OTC Markets in the past were usually in the wrong stocks -- Companies without the right news and lacking the ability to get their news noticed.

By effectively re-distributing undiscovered news that is already public (but was missed and overlooked when it first came out) on new green technology and leading edge green stocks, we strive to give our newsletter readers “Legal Insider Trading” information and provide opportunityies to “Get In The Green” before the crowds recognize the profit potentials, get in and push up share values.
Top Green Stocks To Buy (IMHO) - Electric Vehicle Green Stock
Why The Top Green Stocks Research Team Believes
LEOM Should Be Trading At $10 Or More Per Share
  REVENUES -- The $3.7 Million USD EV Scooters purchase (See News) placed Leo Motors in the rare class of being a revenue generating green stock. Successful investors know that green stocks with revenues provide the best opportunities for investing profits. Leo Motors using this money to create more growth and revenues, opening a manufacturing facility (See News), opening a Flagship Electric Vehicle Products Store (See News), increasing development of innovative EV technologies and accelerating Global sales expansion into Japan, Europe and the U.S.

  DIRECT ACCESS TO MA$$IVE MARKETS -- In Asia millions of gas and diesel powered motorized bikes are the major modes of transportation, and a major source of pollution. Leo Motors
location allows them to easily tap into this immense sales opportunity.

In addition to their popular Electric Scooters (See News), they will soon debut the ELEVEN Motorcycle (See ELEVEN). With power output equal to a 1400cc internal combustion engine (ICE) and
designed to run over 2000 miles on 1 liter of zinc balls, they have the potential to rewrite
transportation sector history and reap huge sales.

  LEADING EDGE -- Leo Motors is THE ONLY company in the world that develops, manufactures and markets sustainable Electric Vehicle Power Systems. This undiscovered company is an
EV technology leader that is producing motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks with performance and
pricing levels that can make polluting, natural resource draining gas and diesel autos a thing of the past.

For example their EV conversion of a mid-size Kia Morning car model can accelerate from
0 to 60 in 6 seconds, reach speeds of 100 MPH, pass by ICE cars and travel 150 miles on a single charge.

  3 VS 1000 -- Electric vehicles have only 3 main components while ICEs have over 1000
(See More). Leo Motors focus on evolving the automobile into a digital device by computerizing, improving and enhancing these 3 EV components is paying off big with real world innovations that make them a true leader in bringing us automobiles of the future - Today.

  LIMITS SOLVED -- Wide spread commercialization of EVs has been limited by challenges
such as: traveling distance, speed, power, hilly terrains, charging times, battery sizes and
economic viability. Leo Motors is solving these issues, developing EV innovations that produce well above the competition and even ICEs.

Their lower operating costs, safer, 0 emissions Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator (See News) with more power and longer distance capabilities - A compact car can run about 78 miles on 1 kg of zinc - and their One-Of-A-Kind 120kW EV Power Train (See News) for use in passenger cars, buses and trucks are just 2 examples of this.

  REAL WORLD TESTED AND MASS MARKET READY -- From EV bus power trains (See News), converted EV truck mountain road testing (See News) and EV scooter testing (See More) Leo Motors products are Real World road, competition, Expo, University and Government tested, proven and ready for mass marketing.

  CROSSING AMERICA -- An August 26, 2010 investing radio show interview with CEO Robert Kang announced Leo Motors plans to drive an Electric Vehicle across America WITHOUT refueling or recharging -- Watch Video or Hear Audio. The Interview starts at the 20:55 minute mark.

This is just the first sign of the massive media, industry, expansion funding and investor interest that
we can see generated from this exceptional demonstration of the power of Leo Motors
EV technology advancements.
See EV Scooter Specifications
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Visit The Leo Motors, Inc. (Stock Symbol: LEOM) Web Site - Click Here
February 14, 2013 -- Fortune Names Leo Motors CEO to Its Most Powerful Business Leaders -- See News

January 22, 2013 -- Global Joint Company Sales Agreement Signed To Cross-sell Alternative Energy Products and Services in North America and Asia - Energy Storage Services Marketplace Expected to Reach $31.5 Billion by 2017 -- See News

September 2, 2010 -- Electric Truck Conversion Kit For 1 Ton Trucks Developed By Leo Motors -- Converted electric truck can carry 2,200 lb payload, run at a maximum speed of 70 Mph and climb up to 35% grade mountain roads with an average speed of 30 Mph -- See News

September 1, 2010 -- Leo Motors Files 2 Patents For Its Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator --
See News

The advantages of the Zinc Fuel Cell Generator advancement and plans to drive an Electric Vehicle across the United States WITHOUT refueling or recharging.

August 19, 2010 -- The Best Stock Investment In The Electric Vehicle Industry
- Ending The Toy EV Story - Profit From EVolution Report Released By CEO Robert Kang --
Read Report

August 19, 2010 -- See Leo Motors Money Show Booth Exhibit Virtual Video -- Click Here

August 10, 2010 -- Converted Electric Truck Conquers One Of Korea’s Steepest
Mountain Roads In Successful Field Stress Test --
See News